November 3, 2009

Indiana Jones, Wool Felt, and Random Trivia

Isn't it amazing what kids can come up with? My 6 year old boy is very much into Indiana Jones (as if you couldn't tell from the photo's below). We eat sleep, breathe, and play Indiana Jones all day long. During a sewing day with a few friends, my sweet boy was bored and wanted to sew along. I set out my grand tub of wool felt and let him have at it. This Indiana Jones banner (plus seven others, with Indiana Jones character names that slip my over-taxed-mind at the moment) is the result of his handi-work. I see a budding fabric artist, don't you? At least he'll have something to fall back on if the golf career his dad dreams about falls through.

The moral of the story? Wool Felt is a great creative outlet for kids. (Plus it allows you to get some sewing and chatting done with your friends too).

As if that wool felt treasure wasn't enough, guess what we made a few days later for Halloween? Presto! An Indiana Jones pouch and jacket. Nothing fancy, we just cut around an Oshgosh hooded zip-up sweathshirt for a general pattern for the body and sleeves. Those days of garment sewing two decades ago in 4-H actually came in handy after all. The pouch, though, was the talk of the street. Everyone thought it was perfect for carrying trick-or-treat loot. No plastic pumpkin required.

We had a great time out and about in the neighborhood. The 8 inches of snow from the day before didn't even stand in our way. 60 degree temps melted most of what fell.

Left a perfect evening to ring some bells and go on an adventure that Indy would be proud of.


Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Pumpkins and snowmen...they aren't supposed to be together yet lol.

m t nester said...

I left a comment on the Moda Sake Shop site in regards to the butterfly quilt. It really is cute, I'd like to make it for my granddaughter using 30's.

Cheri Wilson ...aka m t nester