November 27, 2013

Vintage Bulb Ornaments

Drum roll please . . . ..

I'm so excited to finally reveal our Vintage Bulb Ornaments pattern!

It's so much fun to see my pattern pictured with all the projects from the very talented ladies featured in Amy Power's Inspired Ideas magazine.

I met Amy in Vermont at Meleen and Charlotte's Vermont Getaway.  (Check out our trip here).  We had a delightful time working on wool felt projects while we were there.   One thing led to another, and I was honored to have the opportunity to design a project for Amy.  She's so bubbly, generous, and creative!  You can't help but be inspired in her presence!

Needing a little inspiration for holiday crafts?  Head on over to Amy's site at to download this digital magazine.  At only $3.99 it's a super bargain considering all the projects you'll find, including our Vintage Bulb Ornaments pattern.

You know we are never content stopping at just one option . . .  so we also included a second color option in the magazine to inspire you.

To make your crafting even easier, we have coordinated wool blend felt bundles and floss packs available on our site for our ornaments.

Happy Crafting!

November 25, 2013

French Toweling Ornaments

I've been enamored with all things French since I was blessed to participate in French General's Chateau Getaway in the summer of 2012.  Traipsing around the French countryside with a group of like-minded women, we discovered delightful treasures at local brocantes and vide greniers. (Fancy french words for flea markets and garage sales!).  I could have brought home suitcases full of french linens had it not been for that pesky 50 pound luggage limit!  

Another favorite part of my trip was capturing photos of numbers with one of my best friends and traveling companions, Gwen.  We worked together to make sure we photographed numbers 1-31, with the hopes of making a perpetual calendar.  

Last winter, I did a little crafting and created a Christmas countdown garland using photos that I took on my French journey.  I edited the numbers and printed them in a sepia tone, then used scrapbook papers and manila office tags to create a garland.

This year I thought it would be fun to continue my French Christmas theme and add some other hand-made ornaments. 

 I just adore the toweling that French General designs for Moda fabric.  Makes me feel like I'm right there digging through piles of vintage linens in France with Kaari and Co.  If you haven't seen it before, it is cotton, comes about 16" wide, and can be purchased by the yard. (At Prairie Point Junction in Cozad, Nebraska, of course!  See bottom of this post to order toweling.)

Suggested Supplies:
  • 1 yard of 16" wide toweling will make about 20 ornaments
  • Size 8 Ecru Pearl Cotton
  • Clover Gold Eye Embroidery Needles
  • Small scraps of cotton batting (could also use fiberfill)

Fold hemmed edges of the toweling to meet in the center.  If using 1 yard of 16" wide toweling, your toweling strip would now be about 8" wide and 36" long.  

Arrange desired shapes on the toweling.  Keep in mind your toweling is doubled due to how it is folded.  The striped side will be the front of the ornament.  The bottom layer is solid and will form the back of the ornament.

My shapes were about 3 1/2" x 3 1/2".  You could trace around your favorite cookie cutters or cut free-hand shapes as desired.  Try to position shapes as close as possible to make the best use of your toweling. You can rotate your shapes so that the stripe runs across the ornament in different directions for variety.

Pin patterns in place.  Cut around shapes.  Remember you are cutting through two layers of toweling due to how it is folded.  This gives you a front and back of the ornament.

Repeat to cut out as many ornaments at desired.  With careful cutting, I was able to get 20 ornaments out of 1 yard of toweling.

Use 1 strand of Size 8, ecru pearl cotton to stitch a primitive running stitch a scant 1/4" from the edge of the ornament, catching both layers with the stitching.  Stop stitching about 2 inches from starting point, leaving needle threaded so that you can continue stitching after stuffing the ornament.

Tuck a small amount of cotton batting into ornament through opening.  It doesn't need to be stuffed perfectly.  You want these ornaments to look like they've been tucked away in an antique trunk for years!  I like the feel that cotton batting gives, but you could also use fiberfill if you prefer.

Finish stitching around ornament.  Make a small hanging loop at top of ornament.

Make a darling stack of ornament!  These are perfect for tucking in a bowl with some greenery, hanging from garland, decorate brown paper packages and of course, hang on your tree.

Joyeux Noël

Here is a pattern for the shapes I used for my ornaments. Print photo and enlarge size as instructed on photo.

Want to order some toweling?  The cotton toweling pictured below is 16" wide.  All the toweling has a border woven along both edges.

Use the Add to Cart links below.  They will take you directly to our shop's regular website to check-out. Once on our regular site, you'll be able to change the quantity that you want to order.

Toweling Rural Jardin Medium Stripe Cream
$7.00 per yard

*This is the style that I used in the ornaments pictured above.


Toweling Panier de Fleur Wide Stripe Cream
$8.00 per yard


Toweling Rouenneries Medium Stripe Tan
$7.00 per yard


Size 8 Ecru Pearl Cotton
 $2.75 per 10g ball


Here's an idea for another of our favorite patterns using French Toweling.  

Buttermilk Basin's Joy Table Runner Pattern
Runner uses 1 yard of 16" wide toweling.