July 2, 2009

Another Bit of Inspiration

How are your flowers coming along for our little flower shower challenge? Don' know where to start? Here's another bit of inspiration to get you going.

I'd like to introduce Amanda Rosander of Berkley's Clippies. I met Amanda online as a customer of our shop. Her adorable clippies makes me want to have a little girl to dress. (Well, almost anyway) (I have a 6 year old boy). I think I'll just admire her creations and save them for all the mommies of little princesses out there.

Here's a little interview with Amanda to give you a behind the scenes peek at her designs:

1. What lead you to start creating wool felt flowers as a business?

My designs have taken a very long but fun road. When my daughter was born, I really, really loved the typical "big bows", but thought they looked ridiculous on my daughter's tiny head. She had a darling dress with a fabric flower attached to it and I remember thinking, "that would make THE cutest hair clip!" After a few months of playing around with fabric, I tried wool felt and fell instantly in love! The versatility, the wide array of colors to choose from, and most of all, the uniqueness of the fabric just sold me!

2. Where do you find inspiration for your creations?

Inspiration comes from 2 areas: my daughter's clothes for the most part and then also little spurts of color combinations "come" to me at random times.

3. I noticed that you had been featured on several blogs and even a magazine. Any tips for other crafters on getting their products noticed?

Being featured by magazines and/or blogs has been THE best part of it all! I love it when someone takes a second to let me know that they truly enjoy my little creations. Getting your product "out there" takes a lot of time and even more patience. If you are taking your creations to a "business level", you must invest your time in multiple areas and just hope that 1 or more get noticed. Marketing has been the biggest challenge for me. I'm not by nature a sales person and I literally have to force myself to make those calls and send those types of emails. The best tip I can pass on would be to offer samples of your product to a wide assortment of bloggers, shop/boutique owners, and websites.

4. Where can fans find your creations online?

Berkley's Clippies are available at http://www.berkleysclippies.com/ and also on Etsy at: http://www.berkleysclippies.etsy.com/

Thanks for sharing with us, Amanda!

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