October 8, 2018

10-8-18 Stocking

We're in for a lot of fun sewing in the next few weeks. We will be sewing Christmas Cheer by Cotton Way.  The pattern can be purchased here. The fabric we will be using is Vintage Holiday by Bonnie and Camille. The kit can be purchased here. I will not be posting measurements of the pieces. You will have to purchase the pattern to find this information.

We are nearing the end of the sew-along. We have row #10 Stocking this week. There are quite a few pieces, but it's an easy block to piece.

I went through all of my scrap pieces from making previous blocks and sorted them out by size, to utilize these pieces, then cut largest to smallest pieces.

Here is a list for you...

White with silver dot background pieces...

E-6 Draw diagonal line.

N-6 Draw diagonal line.
H-6 Draw diagonal line.
O-48 (I used larger pieces and trimmed after sewing.) Draw diagonal line.

Aqua 6 fabrics

C-1 of each fabric

Red 6 fabrics



Step 1. You will need your L and O fabrics. You are making flying geese. You will want to make sure of how your directional fabric will lay in the final block. Make 4.

When I sewed my rows together for my stars I sewed with the flying geese on top so I could see the 1/4" seam and the point of the goose. That way I got a sharp point.

Your next step, is to add piece J to the top of the star. Press towards J.

Sew piece F to bottom of star. Press towards F.

Add piece E to bottom right of stocking sewing on line. (This will be the heel of the stocking.)

Trim 1/4" from seam and press towards white.

Add piece D to right side of stocking. Press towards D.


Take piece G and piece N. Lay piece N so the diagonal line is from lower left to upper right.
Sew on line. 

Trim to 1/4" and press to white.

Add piece H to N/G. This piece will on the lower left of the stocking. Sew from upper left to lower right. 

Trim seam to 1/4" and press towards white.

Sew I to the toe of the stocking. Press towards I.

Sew the toe of the stocking to the stocking. I pressed my seam to the left.

Six stockings finished. Now to add the cuff.

Sew piece B and C together, with the white B on the left. Press towards C.

Sew pieces B/C to top of stocking. Press towards cuff.

Add A to both sides. Press towards A.

Decide layout of blocks. Sew together.

Finished row. Measure row to make sure it measures 72-1/2". Trim as needed.

I then sewed my bottom border to the balance of the quilt. You'll need to make sure they are also 72-1/2". While I had some time, I added my side borders to the quilt. In order to get an accurate measurement, I measure the quilt on the left side, then the right side, and lastly down the center of the quilt. In a perfect world they should all be the same or close. If two of the three measurements are the same, I go with this measurement. If they are different, I add them together and divide by three to get the average of the measurements. I will round up to get to the closest 1/4". 

The top is now complete and ready to quilt or send to the quilter. I'll be back in a couple weeks with pics from my completed quilt.

If you have any questions, please post them on Facebook.
We'd love to see your blocks on Facebook also.

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