April 6, 2011

Our Second Give-Away of the Week

How lucky can you possibly get?  Not one  -  but two amazing give-aways in one week.  We're currently partnering with Stumbles and Stitches for a gift certificate to our site (http://www.woolfeltcentral.com/) along with a copy of the Big Little Felt Universe book.  Be sure to check out the Stumbles and Stitches blog for all the details and to register.

Then, head on over to Wee Folk Art for a different give-away that we are partnering up on.

The very talented ladies over at Wee Folk Art have created a stunning wool felt flower bouquet just in time for you to start thinking about spring.  We have our first taste of 70 degree weather here in Nebraska this past weekend.  Just as soon as it came, though, it was gone again with temps back in the 50's, windy and rainy.  That's the best/worst thing about weather in Nebraska.  If you don't like the forecast today, just wait for tomorrow, it may be totally different.

You'll find a tutorial to make a bouquet of your very own.  Best of all -  this one doesn't need to be watered and it won't trigger sniffles and sneezes for all of you that are allergic to pollen.  (I can tell that things are greening up outside, my Claritin is working overtime this week).

I'm always excited to work with Michelle and Kimara from Wee Folk Art.  Their tutorials are so detailed with complete step-by-step pictures.  The help instill confidence that you can really be successful at re-creating their projects.  The atmosphere on their blog makes you feel like you are sitting in their living room sharing tips with a good friend.  You just can't beat that!

Head on over to http://www.weefolkart.com/ for plenty of inspiration and find all the details to register to win the some of our yummy wool felt supplies to make your bouquet.

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