September 8, 2010

Revisiting Old Favorites

Do you have those patterns in your collection that you turn to time and time again?  You know the ones . . . .  You've got them down to a science, don't even really need to read the directions anymore . . . Know that any fabrics you pick out will look great.  Well, The Fat Quarter Fashionista and Get Strippy With It are those two patterns for me.

Granted, I may be just a teensy bit biased, as they do happen to be two original designs from Prairie Point Junction, but once you give them a whirl, you'll be inclined to agree with me.

What makes them so special?

The Fat Quarter Fashionista is perfect for that fat quarter stack you've collected.  Use 18 fats for a throw, 21 fats for a twin size.  Then just add border fabric.  Once I've cut this one out, I can piece the top in about 4 hours.  (O.K., I'll admit that I've been accused of exceeding the speed limit when I sew, but still  -  give yourself an afternoon and you'll be fine)

Here are some examples of fabrics I've made the Fashioinista with. 

Our Get Strippy With It Pattern is just as easy and it showcases all those fabulous large printed stripes that are on the market right now.  I think I've made this pattern just as many times as the Fashionista, but for the life of me, don't know why I didn't take as many pictures.   Trust me on this one though, you can make it in so many different fabrics.  Stop by the shop, we've got lots of options to show you.

Contest Alert . . .  Contest Alert . . .

We'd love to see YOUR pictures if you have made either of these patterns.  We'll sweeten the pot just a little bit to get you going . . . .

E-mail us at with a picture of your version of either quilt by September 24th.  We'll randomly select a winner from all photos submitted to win your choice of original designs from the staff at Prairie Point Junction. 

(Just a note, we use this e-mail address only for contests to help keep our regular inbox from getting full, so if you send any other message to this address, chances are we won't read it unless we happen to have a contest going on at that particular time.)

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