May 10, 2010

Best Mother's Day Ever

What more could a mom ask for than having her seven year old son want to sew with her?
We had a little fun with our tub of wool felt. I'm always amazed that my little guy can just pick up a piece of felt and start cutting, and voila - a creation has appeared.
This time he made Mario, Luigi, and a Cupa. Those red circles? Fireballs, of course. Landry did the cutting, then I had the job of sewing the pieces together. Glue will only do so much, you know. Gotta love it.
It gets even better . . . . Landry wanted to know if he could make them into a pattern to sell at the shop.
A budding artist, I'm just sure of it.
Hope all the moms out there had a great day too.


Maggey and Jim said...

I love those days of crafting with the little ones and how cute is that?

Lori said...

That will be a keeper. I saved my daughter's first drawing of a person from kindergarten. We showed it at her graduation along with a self-portrait she had done of herself in high school. It was fun to see where she began.