January 17, 2010

Valentine Challenge

Valentine Favorites . . . .
Here are some of our favorite Valentine inspired projects that are
currently available on our website at www.woolfeltcentral.com
(Chocolate-Forget-Me-Knot by Annelle's Originals)

(Layers of My Heart by Annelle's Originals)

(Hearts and Flowers Candle Mat by Bareroots)

(Valentine Ornaments by Under the Garden Moon.)

Wool Felt Valentine Challenge
We haven't issued a challenge in a while, so thought now would be a good time to get your creative juices flowing again. We're down to just a little under one month and counting before Valentine's Day is upon us.

I love how sweet this holiday is. Nothing can be better than receiving a home-made Valentine from your sweetie - especially when they are seven years old and write "my mom has strat her" (Translation - my mom had straight hair - I get the biggest kick out of the phonetic spelling).

Anyway . . . . Here's the Scoop . . ..

1. Create any Valentine inspired project using Wool Felt. This can be a candle mat, pillow, banner, candy wrapper, ornament - you name it!

2. E-mail us at woolfeltcentral@yahoo.com with "Valentine Challenge" in the subject. Include a photo of your project and a short description. Be sure to note whether this is an original design or created from a published pattern.
3. We'll choose a lucky winner from all submissions to win a $20.00 gift certificate to http://www.woolfeltcentral.com/.

4. Entries must be received by February 14th.

5. Submission of entry grants Wool Felt Central permission to post a photo of your project on our blog.

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m t nester said...

It looks like you girls were having way to much fun at market! Can't wait to see your new goodies.