June 22, 2009

Introducing . . . The Guest Blogger

Julie has honored me with the invitation to blog on Prairie Ramblings. I've been promised a fancy title . . . oh, what should it be. . . Executive Guest Blogger? Vice President of Blogging? Any suggestions? Whatever the title, the promise is fun and the opportunity to share and explore the world of creative ideas.

Who am I?
My name is Kelli and I'm a friend of all arts and crafts. I love fabric, felt, beading, crochet, knitting and more! I love fiber and glass! I love metal and plastic! I love buttons and ribbons and rick rack! I love paper and found objects! I love it all! I'm a huge fan of Prairie Point Junction and an even bigger fan of Julie! You could say she is the sister I never had. Julie and I met in college and spent many an idle hour day-dreaming about Prairie Point Junction (PPJ) and all of the wonderful possibilities. The coolest part our day-dreaming is that Julie and her awesome staff have made it a reality in Cozad, Nebraska! And, if you can't make it to the store, they have a wonderful website where you can order online!

Safety briefing:
Before we begin our blogging journey, we must first start with a safety briefing. I've attended several quilting workshops where the instructors insisted that all students close their rotary blades while not in use. Very wise advise! Well, my safety story is to encourage you to be careful with your cutters (scissors too!) at all times! Almost two months ago while working on an adorable Buggy Barn quilt, "It's in the Bag" from the "Those Crazy Kids" book, I had a slight accident. Short story: sliced finger, later passed out and knocked my head on the wall, woke up laughing at my "stupid" accident, went to the emergency room for a CT scan and 6 stitches in my head, a very large bandage on my finger and a prescription for pain relievers. My finger is still healing and now the bills are starting to arrive in my mailbox. Of course, I thought I had it bad until a friend reported that she met a woman with a similar experience except that when she passed out, she also broke a tooth! Healing can take a long time so taking all safety precautions when working on arts and crafts is advised. Have fun, but be safe! On a more positive note, the quilt will be on display later this summer at PPJ. Then, it will be sent to Omaha to serve as the featured silent auction item for "Art in the Bag" a benefit for Cancer Awareness, Research and Care.

Until next time
aka The Guest Blogger

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