February 1, 2009

Creative and Then Some . . .

Wow! Two posts in a row, can you believe it. Those of you that follow my blog at all know that I have a habit of being pretty random. I'll be inspired and do several consecutive posts, then life gets in the way and it will be over a month before you hear from me. Wish I could make one of those promises that I'll post regularly from now on, but I know me too well. As I told one of my friends today, I'm much better at finding ideas than actually caring them out.

Which leads me to the real topic of today's post.

I've followed the blog http://www.skiptomylou.org/ for quite awhile. She is the most super-creative-inspired blogger I know. She had the BEST tutorials for all sorts of projects. There are crafts for kids, holiday decorations, recipes, and directions for all sorts of handcrafted projects like CD holders, tote bags, you name it!

One of my favorites is her wool felt crayon roll. Check out the directions here:

(Felt Roll)

While you are on the Skip to My Lou site, be sure to check out the following sites that are part of the Chic Chick Network. We're advertising http://www.woolfeltcentral.com/ on all four of these blogs this month. Be sure to stop by and see what these talented ladies are up to.

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