November 19, 2008

Wool Felt Advent Calendars

I just love how the world of blogs allows you to jump from place to place getting inspired. All the great links on my favorite blogs lead me to a wealth of creative ideas.

One of my favorite ideas that I stumbled upon today was on the blog Squirrel Acorns at:

This crafty gal is working on making her own version of a Pottery Barn Advent calendar that is now sold out from the catalog. Check out her blog to see what she is up to. We were so excited to see that she had mentioned Prairie Point Junction as her source for the felt for her project. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

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Tina said...

And kudos to PPJ. Tina from Squirrel Acorns here! I was going to do the entire tree in "pea soup", front and back, but I got a lovely call with the news that there wasn't enough pea soup available (although I could have waited until Monday). So, with their helpful suggestions, I bought pea soup for the front and reets relish for the back. I can't wait for it to arrive!!!